broadbandtrainingOur Broadband Technician course aims to provide comprehensive training to install, disconnect and complete service changes on video, Internet and phone services at residential and business locations.

Every module includes hands-on training for each attendee, with industry recognized certification. This is a can’t miss opportunity to begin your career in the telecom industry!



Course Topics

  • Ladder safety
  • Broadband install
  • Radio frequency
  • Technician essentials
  • Customer service satisfaction



  • Proficient on PC’s
  • Technical experience, i.e. setting up entertainment centers such as TV’s, DVD players and gaming devices
  • Basic networking skills and knowledge
  • Basic understanding/knowledge of internet speeds
  • Experience working with hand tools, power tools, drills, etc.
  • Valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record


  Earned Certifications

  • Ladder Safety Certification
  • Broadband Installation
  • Radio Frequency Basics
  • Tech Essentials
  • Experience working with hand tools, power tools, drills, etc.
  • Customer Satisfaction


      All of the training centers have been approved for VA Education Benefits

Who We Are

Warriors4Wireless (W4W) is a non-profit formed to bridge the gap between the demand for trained and deployable communication infrastructure technicians, and the thousands of qualified service men and women eager to transfer the skills they’ve learned in the military. Our organization provides training, advanced certification and transitional support, giving veterans the building blocks they need for an exciting and fulfilling career in the our rapidly growing industry.

What We Do