W4W is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contact, coach, and connect veterans with careers in the wireless industry, helping to fill the demand for infrastructure support personnel. W4W seeks contributions from the wireless industry at large, including “in-kind” contributions of material and equipment, as well as cash contributions.

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Every $1,750 raised helps one veteran go through the 12-day tower technician course for employment in the wireless industry.

Every $1,000 raised helps one veteran go through the 15-day broadband technician course for employment in the telecommunications industry.

Who We Are

Warriors4Wireless (W4W) is a non-profit formed to bridge the gap between the demand for trained communication industry professionals and qualified service men and women eager to utilize the skills they learned in the military. W4W contacts promising candidates, coaches them on career paths and requirements, connects them with approved training providers, and helps connect them with our over 200+ partner companies.  We provide transitional support giving veterans the building blocks they need for an exciting and fulfilling career in this rapidly growing industry.


What We Do