Who We Are


Warriors 4 Wireless is a charitable organization existing solely to help veterans find decent paying careers in the growing 5G wireless workforce.  We have invested well over $5,000,000 of contributed funds to assist veterans joining the telecom workforce. We have connected over 5,000 veterans to telecom career opportunities. let us help you!


What We Do


Contact over 100,000 veterans per year to tell them about decent paying telecom career opportunities.

Coach over 20,000 veterans per year about “direct connect” or “train and connect”  paths to career opportunities near them.

Connect over 1,000 veterans per year to GROUND-based or CLIMBING telecom careers.


Our Training Partners

Certifications & Careers

W4W connects veterans with VA approved training partners for certification in tower upgrade and maintenance and fiber optic installation and maintenance work roles.  We take the time to get to know you, your interests, and will coach you regarding the potential paths in the Tower, Fiber Optic, Drone Pilot and other ground-based career fields.  W4W helps connect trained and OJT trainee veterans with our extensive network of Hiring Partners.

As of June 15, 2024 W4W has helped connect over 5,000 veterans to telecom career opportunities.

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In Their Own Words

“The W4W program is great for veterans who are highly motivated and interested in transitioning into the booming cell tower industry. W4W certified me with relevant credentials that potential employers want and need while connecting me to their partners who were able to get me job offers swiftly. I think the course was important because it exposed me to the extremes of the nature of tower climbing in a safety oriented program for beginners.”

Jonathan Hock

Tower Technician Wireless Horizon

I can only say outside of my enlistment oath to the Army this is definitely my second greatest accomplishment. I have learned a lot of things that I can use towards my new career. Meeting the other veterans and learning hands on was great it allowed me to use my military training to finish with confidence. Thanks Tara and everyone else involved in this program for this new experience!

Jameel McClain

W4W Training Graduate

This course is run by veterans and they treat you like veterans, just being around a bunch of vets for 2 weeks was a very humbling experience and a good motivational booster.

So for any vets out there who are not scared of some hard work and grit, who are looking for a career to start almost immediately, Warriors 4 Wireless is a program that I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.

I can truly say this was a life changing experience and I love what I’m doing!

Jared Perry

W4W Alumni/Program Participant


    3110 Pine Oaks Way

    Oak Hill, Virginia 20171

    (202) 603-6131