W4W provides many different paths for veterans to consider. From our Dallas, TX, tower training, to our Broadband Courses that take place in multiple states, to our over 60 hiring industry partners, veterans are exposed to the best in the industry who all share the same purpose – hiring veterans!

Not certain which career path to take? Don’t have any experience and are not sure where to get started? Look no further than right here. We will listen to your career objectives and gain an understanding of your background so that we may help guide you towards an end goal that is both attainable and meaningful.

Our Goals

We aim for our veterans to have long and prosperous careers in the wireless telecommunication industry through the education of our training partners.
Our success is achieved through our Five Core Values:
  1. Integrity
  2. Teamwork
  3. Safety
  4. Quality
  5. Productivity
Registering with W4W, to securing a job in the wireless industry can take as little as 4 weeks. From Broadband to Tower Climbing, veterans have several paths to travel to find an ideal career!

Once you have registered, a Sourcing Manager will contact you directly to review your registration and get started. W4W – taking veterans to new heights!

 We Contact – We Coach — We Connect

Who We Are


Warriors 4 Wireless is a charitable organization existing solely to help veterans find decent paying careers in the growing 5G wireless workforce.  We have invested well over $5,000,000 of contributed funds to assist veterans joining the telecom workforce. We have connected over 4,850 veterans to telecom career opportunities. let us help you!


What We Do


Contact over 100,000 veterans per year to tell them about decent paying telecom career opportunities.

Coach over 20,000 veterans per year about “direct placement” or “train and place”  paths to career opportunities near them.

Connect over 1,000 veterans per year to GROUND-based or CLIMBING telecom careers.