towertrainingThe telecommunications industry continues to grow requiring additional manpower, equipment and materials necessary to accommodate network connections throughout the United States. The W4W Tower Technician course provides comprehensive, cutting edge technical training to participants with an interest in the industry.

The Warriors4Wireless team is working on a 3-5 year strategic plan for a career in the Tower Upgrade and Maintenance field.  Check back with us soon for an update on this page.

We Contact — We Coach — We Connect

Who We Are


Warriors 4 Wireless is a charitable organization existing solely to help veterans find decent paying careers in the growing 5G wireless workforce.  We have invested well over $5,000,000 of contributed funds to assist veterans joining the telecom workforce. We have connected over 5,000 veterans to telecom career opportunities. let us help you!


What We Do


Contact over 100,000 veterans per year to tell them about decent paying telecom career opportunities.

Coach over 20,000 veterans per year about “direct connect” or “train and connect”  paths to career opportunities near them.

Connect over 1,000 veterans per year to GROUND-based or CLIMBING telecom careers.