Veteran FAQ’s


What are the requirements? Do I need prior experience?

We require hardworking, dedicated and ethical individuals who desire to work outdoors, have no fear of heights, have a basic knowledge of hand tools and enjoy an extreme challenge plus the willingness to travel when needed. No prior experience required; training will be provided.

What types of training are offered?

We offer a two-week, entry-level Tower Technician course at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) facility in the Dallas, TX, area.

Is transportation included?

You will be required to arrange and pay for your travel
to/from the TEEX training location in Dallas.

Will W4W provide lodging?

Lodging is provided for you during the training program if you live outside the Dallas area. Lodging arrangements may require you to room with a classmate.

What tools and equipment are provided?

For training, all necessary equipment needed will be provided. Once hired, it will depend upon both the company as well as the position for which you are hired.

 How is training paid for?

•GI Bill

Where do we conduct training?

•Texas A&M Extension Tower Technician Level One Course (Dallas, TX) – 12-day course
•Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) (Fayetteville, NC) – 10-day broadband course
•Ft. Sill (Ft. Sill, OK) – 4-week course


How many hours per week will I be working?

Typically it will be a 40-hour week, however, this depends upon the company who hires you as well as the position for which you are hired.

How much will I be paid?

Pay and overtime will depend on the company who hires you, geography, travel requirements, experience level and your willingness to work hard and continue building your skill sets. In most cases, pay is hourly.

What is the PTO/leave policy?

Leave policies vary between company to company and market to market. You will receive this information during your hiring process.

What are the career advancements?

Career advancements are rapid and based upon performance. Tower Technicians have the potential to become supervisors and foremen.

How high will I be climbing?

Tower Technicians are required to climb anywhere between 40 and 800 feet.

Will I receive benefits? How long before I get them?

Benefits are offered for the majority of the positions we place. The benefits package your company offers will be discussed during your hiring process.

What are the next steps? How do I register with W4W?

Please register at One of our recruiters will follow up with you within 48 hours.


What job opportunities do you have available?

We represent 40 hiring companies throughout the U.S. with a number of positions available for tower technicians.

How long is the hiring process?

Our mission is to get you hired and we will do everything possible to make this happen as quickly as possible. Many of our graduates have been hired within two weeks of completion of their training. The hiring timeline depends on your geographic flexibility, willingness to travel, availability and how well you did during training.

Is this a dangerous job?

Tower climbing is challenging and requires an extreme level of attention to detail and adherence
to safety precautions and requirements which are taught during the course. Graduates receive
safety certification industry credentials upon completion of the course.

After completing our program, graduates will be ready to start a career in the wireless industry. With experience, they will be able to advance to lead positions within the telecommunications infrastructure industry.

Who We Are


Warriors 4 Wireless is a charitable organization existing solely to help veterans find decent paying careers in the growing 5G wireless workforce.  We have invested well over $4,680,000 of contributed funds to assist veterans joining the telecom workforce. We have connected over 4,300 veterans to telecom career opportunities. let us help you!


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Contact over 95,000 veterans per year to tell them about decent paying telecom career opportunities.

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